Can you tell me how much the job will cost over the phone?

In almost every plumbing case a phone quote will change once the technician has diagnosed the issue on site. In our 20 years of experience, we have found that our customers prefer an exact price based on their plumbing problem. We don’t think that is fair to you. By allowing us to diagnose your plumbing problem in person, you will know exactly what it will take to get the job done right.

When do I need to get my drains cleaned?

When you find that all the plumbing products available to you as well as your DIY home plunger are not doing the job. We use the latest in drain clearing and CCTV camera inspection equipment so we can take the guessing out of the equation and resolve your drainage issue fast! We can also give a copy of your CCTV camera inspection on a USB for your viewing.

What causes blocked drains?

A number of factors contribute to drains blocking up. They vary from tree roots, grease and fats used from cooking, misaligned or in correctly installed pipes, hair, foreign matter or simply due to old age are all factors that can cause serious drainage issues if not properly maintained. Signs that you have a blocked drain vary from an overflowing piping in the garden, a slow draining fixture or really bad sewer smells. If you said yes to any of these issues, its time to give us a call 0414 458 203 to arrange an inspection of your pipes.